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cable railing construction

Precision Cable & Swaging does not fabricate the framework for your rail.  We build the cable railings and ship to you ready to install.  TOP HAT cables are very easy to install using a minimum of tools.  A pair of vice grips work well.  Be sure to smooth the sharp ridges of the jaw with a rat tail file.  Bite the swage terminal on the smooth surface and use an Alan wrench on the TOP HAT end to tighten.  Should you require your cable to be installed your cable rail builder can usually perform this task.

Cable Railing Posts:
In order to handle the cable rail tensioning, rail posts must be designed to handle compression loading.  Cable railings need to be tensioned to approximately 300 lb. per cable.  Make sure that your end (termination) posts can handle this load.  Vertical post spacing should be set to match local building codes.

Cable Swaging:
Swaging must be performed by the correct equipment and by an experienced rigger.  PC&S recommends a rotary roll type swaging.  All swaging done by PC&S is done on a powered rotary machine which produces guaranteed professional smooth cable swaging, no flash marks on your cable railing.


PC&S provides technical design assistance.  We offer support during and after cable installation.  Please call, fax or e-mail us to discuss your plans.  We are here to assist you in your overall cable railing design, installation, construction... in any way we can.

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Precision Cable & Swaging construction projects cover all of the United States located in Southern California for all your Stainless Steel Cable Railing Systems. For specifications call: 800-321-3484

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