Cable Railing Tension and Termination

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When wire runs are short, under 10', a fixed termination may be used on one end.  A short swage button or a simple ball termination is effective.  This method is desirable when cost for your cable railing is a strong consideration.

Cables must be terminated and tensioned properly.  Turnbuckles are the most common means of adjustment being used in the middle or at the end of the cable railing run.  Cables may be terminated with threaded swage studs on one or both ends giving you a simple and cost effective means of termination and adjustment.  One turnbuckle is all that in necessary for cable railing runs up to 50 feet, however, multiple turnbuckles can be used to produce a particular look and balance.  Our TOP HAT CABLE SYSTEM™ can be used in lieu of turnbuckles.

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