Stainless Steel Cable Railing
Top Hat Cable System™
Patent # Des.423.913

Top Hat Cable System is our premier method for stainless tension cable railings.  Why use Top Hat Cable?  No threads show, hardware is hidden, that's the beauty of our stainless steel cable railing tensioning system. Designed to your specifications and architectural design requirements.

stainless cable railing

TOP HAT CABLE SYSTEM™ achieves maximum cable railing adjustment when used on both ends.  This method displays balance and symmetry in the finished cable railing product.

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architectural stainless cable railing for stairs

Stainless Cable Railing in Lantana Offices
Olympic & Stewart in Santa Monica, CA
Framework by Atlas Ornamental Iron
Cable Railing by Precision Cable & Swaging

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Precision Cable & Swaging construction projects cover all of the United States located in Southern California for all your Stainless Steel Cable Railing. For specifications call: 800-321-3484

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