Fabrication- Top Hat Cable System

Top Hat Cable System is a stand-alone turnbuckle with hidden threads.
When viewed from a any distance, the cables appear to
have no adjusters at all. Our button head socket cap screw is extremely
low profile. Top Hat components are installed at our factory.
You supply the dimensions and we will build it.
Typical Installation & Maintenance


All cable assemblies produced by Precision Cable are guaranteed for a period of five years to be free of defects in workmanship and material.
Top Hat Cables are made from the highest Marine Grade Type 316 Stainless Steel. Your cable will look shiny and polished after installation. When the cable is fabricated at the mill, a lubricant is utilized to form and twist the strands. The mill’s cleaning process is of the highest quality, as can be seen by the brilliant sheen on the cables upon completion. After a period of time as natural debris settles on the cables and end fitting, they will need to be cleaned to maintain a polished look due to the very small amount of lubricant left behind from the mill. A simple wipe with a damp cloth will remove the dust/debris. On a rare occasion, the cables may have reddish hue near or on the end terminals. The best way to clean this hue is with a bucket of Simple Green and water, 50/50 mix. Use a sponge with a mild scrub pad on one side. Dip the sponge in the solution and squeeze to remove most of the liquid. Wipe the cable with the sponge side first. This will remove most if not all the stains. For stain that remains, use the scrub pad side to brush the cable and end terminals. Use a clean sponge and fresh water to perform the last wipe down to leave the cable clean and dry. DO NOT APPLY WAX, POLISH OR OIL, for this will invite debris to collect faster on the cable.
We recommend the cable be cleaned at least once in the first six months, and cleaned at least once a year after the first cleaning. If your location has a high degree of dirt and dust in the air, more frequent cleaning may be necessary.