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Mill Specification

Mill Spec. Cables Terminals are made from a Stainless Steel Alloy
in basic 18-8 Stainless Steel Group. This alloy has controlled
properties to affect an excellent combination of
swaging and corrosion resisting characteristics.
Most of the terminals fall in the specific category of Type 303-SE Stainless Steel.
Some terminals can be made available in Type 316 Stainless Steel on
special request. Please inquire at factory for specific mil spec
cable railing terminal items required.

Fabricated Cable Wire Rope Stainless Steel Railing
Assembly Length Measurements and Construction should be stated as follows:

Specify length measurement from pinhole centerline on
assemblies when using a fork or eye type terminal


Stainless Steel Cable selection is based on the job type, construction, design, loads, style, construction, tension etc. We provide galvanized, coated or uncoated in hard PVC clears or colors. For high load applications, structural supports etc., high load rigging turnbuckles designed for full strength in stainless steel cable complying with quality assurance standard and mil-spec cable contractor, architecture certifications are utilized.

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